Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pants Challenge

Since I wear pants a lot more often than I do skirts, I've decided to really work on developing some basic trouser/pants patterns.  I started a sew-along over on PR, and several women have been participating.  My goal is to come up with some TNT patterns and then make 1 pair of pants per month.  I've found that BWOF pants fit me better than any other patterns I've tried, so that's what I started with.   Since I wanted a pair of trouser jeans, I started with a BWOF that has wide legs, a side zipper and side slant pockets.  I moved the zipper to the front and added back pockets with flaps.  For the first pair I made in January, I used a deep red corduroy.  Those were too big & not quite right.  For February, I used the same pattern (just a little smaller) and used a medium weight denim with just a little stretch.  These fit pretty well, although they are a little big through the legs.  I'm going to wash and dry them again and if they don't shrink, I'm going to take them up a little.

Here's a picture:


It's hard to see on dark fabric like this, but here's a picture of the pockets.                                     

Here's a couple more pictures:                                                                                                               


 For my next project, I think I'd like to make a red pair with straight legs.