Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Handbags, Totes & Purses

I wanted to post some pictures of my latest handbag projects.  Most of my bags are from self drafted patterns and generally more of a tote bag style with several zippered pockets and all are basically the same size and shape. I enjoy making bags, plus it's nice to have one with all the pockets that I want.  And now that I've learned how to make zippered pockets, I can make one pretty quickly.

This first bag is made from home decor fabric with a light-weight printed denim for the lining.  Both fabrics are left over from other projects.  I made the straps by using a piece of the body fabric for one side & the lining fabric for the other.  I put 1-1-/2" wide webbing inside the straps.  I like using the webbing since it gives extra strength & structure without the bulk that interfacing adds.

Next up is a bag I make from black twill.  I bonded a rooster-chicken panel to both sides of the bag & then applied black bias tape around the edges.  The lining is a piece of home decor fabric left over from another project.  For the straps, I used a 2 inch wide webbing I picked up at Joanne Fabrics.   I normally make my straps 1-1/2" wide, but after making this bag, I realized I like the 2" wide a lot better.  This bag ended a little bigger than most of my bags.  Which can be a bad thing since I tend to keep adding stuff until it's so heavy I can't carry it! :)

This green bag is the most recent one I've made.  It's one that I actually bought the fabric with the intention of using it for a bag.  I love paisley prints & and really into green right now.   I used the green stripe for the top panel of the purse and the lining.  And used the paisley for the bottom panel and the straps.  I inserted the straps in the seam line between the top and bottom panels.  I also put a zippered pocket in the seam.  This one has two zippered pockets on the outside and one pocket on the inside.  I used a magnetic snap instead of a zipper on this bag.  I've never seen a magnetic snap so strong.  It's actually causing the fabric to tear!  I'm going to have to do some repair on it.  The true color of this fabric is like the picture on the right.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Emma Sews

My darling granddaughter, Emma, is becoming quite the sewing girl!   Here she is using my machine and making a sundress.   It makes me happy that she likes to sew.

Last year for her birthday, I bought her a Kenmore ultra mini. But she says she likes using mine better!

Here she is modeling her new dress. It's a reversible sundress.  We made it using 2 coordinating cotton prints & didn't use a pattern.  She's familiar with patterns as we've used them to make doll clothes, but not for clothes for herself.  I need to get her some, so she can learn how to use them.


Joann Fabrics has Simplicity patterns on sale next week-end & I'm going to try to pick up a couple patterns for her.  I really like this one.  It's a cute style, plus I think Emma could sew most of it herself.


This one's cute too.