Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Sewing

I didn't do as much Christmas gift sewing this year as usual.  But, I did make the gifts for my grand kids. I try to come up with something different each year.  This year I made reading pillows. It's basically a pillow that has a pocket to hold books and a strap on the top to carry it by.  I made mine the size of a bed pillow and added a zipper so it can be removed for laundering.  I add a couple books to each pillow according to each child's interest.  







 EMMA (back)


RILEY (back) 


 TORI (back)


Monday, December 26, 2016


I haven't posted anything for a few months and haven't done much sewing either.  My sweet Mom passed away in October and I miss her so much.  Then I got sick - probably due to stress.  So I just haven't had any energy for my sewing world.   I'm starting to feel better and hoping the start of a new year will be a new start for me too.

Since Paisley always makes me smile and feel better, I thought I'd post some pictures of her. She's a little over a year old now and it surprises me how much joy she brings to my life.  When I lost my other dog a couple years ago, I wasn't sure when I'd be ready for another one.   But the opportunity was there and (ready or not) Paisley came into my life.