Sunday, January 29, 2012

Animal Print Purse Finished

I finished my new purse.  I saw a purse similar to this that I liked, but it was too small, so I made my own version,  with a few modifications.   I used a black and tan animal print upholstery fabric and a textured black vinyl.  It's approximately 10-1/2" tall and 11-1/2" wide with a 3" bottom and side.  This is a good size for me & I like this shape.  I used a magnetic snap for the closure.

For the lining, I used a polka dot home decor fabric I found in my sewing closet. I like to add a little pop by using interesting fabric for the lining.   I added a small zippered pocket.

I put a pocket on the front for my cell phone and keys.

And one on the back to hold papers.

I made the strap from the black vinyl.

Side view.

Cost: Animal print fabric $4.00 yd; vinyl $6.00 yd (used 1/2 yd); small piece for lining leftover from another project; zipper $1.00; snap $1.00 & thread.

TOTAL:  approximately $10.00

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sewing Room Makeover Plan

 My sewing room has a roman shade & sewing machine cover, etc. that I made a few years ago from a yellow/green print fabric.   I guess I liked the fabric at the time, but now I can't stand looking at it any longer.

So, I went fabric shopping today!  My sewing room is sponge painted yellow - which I love!!   I decided that blue would be great to go with the yellow walls.  Plus, I don't have blue anywhere else in my house, so, that would be a nice change.  Here's what I picked out.

I can't wait to get started!  But I have some other projects to finish first.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ashley is my wonderful 10 year old granddaughter.  She wanted me to write about her for my new blog.  She has her own sewing machine.  I'm trying to teach her to sew, but she'd rather design and let me do the sewing. I hope she'll grow to love sewing as much as I do.  These are her new fleece pj pants we made today.


Some of her Project Runway creations and American Girl doll clothes

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Where I Sew

I love looking at photos of other people's sewing spaces, so I though I'd post a few of my own.  My room is not very big - 8' x 14', but I've utilized every inch.   The room's very basic and functional.  In years past, I sewed in the kitchen, bedroom, wherever I could squeeze in, so having my very own sewing room is a special treat.  A few months ago, I took everything out of the room, cleaned it, and sponge painted the walls a sunny yellow.  The room only has 1 small window, so this really brightened the space.

 This is from the doorway

This is a clock my Mom bought me for my BD.  Isn't it cute??

 This is the corner with the machines.  
I have a Kenmore 19233 & Brother 1034D serger.

This is my cutting/pressing table my DH built for me.  It's 32" x 72" .  It's 36" high, so no more back pain from bending over to cut!  At the end is a shelf unit (also built by DH) for notions & other misc.  At the other end of the table is a fabric closet.

This is across from the cutting table.  There's a counter underneath the bookshelves.  I stack fabric on it & things I'm working on.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing space. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

My "New" Sewing Machine

Look at my "new" sewing machine!  This an Aldens machine that my mom bought in about 1971, when I was around 14 years old.  This is the machine I learned to sew on.  When I got married, she gave it to me and I used it for several years until I bought my own.  I gave it back to her and she's had it all these years.  She doesn't sew anymore, so she recently gave it back to me.  I cleaned and oiled it, and it sews great.  I'm going to replace the foot pedal as it seems to have a short in it.   It has great piercing power and adjustable pressure control, so will be great to sew through multiple layers on handbags.  I'm thrilled with my new machine!

My Blogging Debut

I've decided to join the blogging world. In the past, I had no desire to have a blog, but recently decided to give it a try.  I think this is something I will enjoy.  This will be a blog mostly about sewing, but also with a bit of other things I find interesting.  And just maybe, someone else will find it interesting too.