Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ashley is my wonderful 10 year old granddaughter.  She wanted me to write about her for my new blog.  She has her own sewing machine.  I'm trying to teach her to sew, but she'd rather design and let me do the sewing. I hope she'll grow to love sewing as much as I do.  These are her new fleece pj pants we made today.


Some of her Project Runway creations and American Girl doll clothes


  1. Her Project Runway creations are adorable! I bet she'll want to start sewing her own designs soon!

  2. So many of us started out with doll clothes. I'm not sure I sew any, but I did drape my dolls. You need to get her behind the machine. Maybe make a compromise that you'll make every other project. Once she has the skills to do better than a beginner, she may get bitten by the sewing bug.

  3. Oh so sweet. I love to hear that young ones are learning to sew! Great Project Runway creations too.