Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Dresses

I wanted some long summer dresses, and made 2 this month.

First is this pink print dress:

  I used McCall's 6923 and I made a size 14. 

Instead of adding sleeves, I just extended the shoulders.  There's a long zipper in back, but it really isn't needed as I can pull the dress over my head without it. 


Close up showing the fabric.   I got it at Joann's on sale for $2.50 yd. & used 3 yards.


The second one is a "duro olowu" style dress, similar to this. 
I made one like this a few years ago and still like to wear it, but wanted a longer one.
I used this OOP McCall's pattern.

I made the dress 6 inches longer, added a band between the bodice and skirt part; added a band to the bottom of the hem, and a tie belt.    I made a size 12 (instead of my usual 14) since it's very loose fitting.

I used 2 coordinating cottons that I had in my stash.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dresden Plate Quilt

It's finally back from the quilter and I love it!

Here you can see the binding.  I love it!  I also used this fabric as part of the back.

For the back, I used 4 different prints.