Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Dresses

I wanted some long summer dresses, and made 2 this month.

First is this pink print dress:

  I used McCall's 6923 and I made a size 14. 

Instead of adding sleeves, I just extended the shoulders.  There's a long zipper in back, but it really isn't needed as I can pull the dress over my head without it. 


Close up showing the fabric.   I got it at Joann's on sale for $2.50 yd. & used 3 yards.


The second one is a "duro olowu" style dress, similar to this. 
I made one like this a few years ago and still like to wear it, but wanted a longer one.
I used this OOP McCall's pattern.

I made the dress 6 inches longer, added a band between the bodice and skirt part; added a band to the bottom of the hem, and a tie belt.    I made a size 12 (instead of my usual 14) since it's very loose fitting.

I used 2 coordinating cottons that I had in my stash.


  1. Two dresses in ine month well done both look lovely

  2. Love both of your new dresses.. Love how you mixed the pretty.

  3. What cute summer dresses-you are smokin' on the sewing!

  4. A great idea to extend the shoulders on the first dress. It does give it a nice shape. I hope these dresses keep you cool for summer.

  5. Both dresses look perfect for summertime! Nice and cool. Off topic, but I absolutely adore the quilt in the preceding post. It is beautiful.

  6. These are some cute dresses. I love the green accent.