Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maxi Skirt - Simplicity 1782

I finished another skirt, using this pattern.

According to my measurements, I should need a size 18, so that's what I cut, but it was quite a bit too big through the waist.   The finished length listed for this skirt is 38", but this is only allowing for a 5/8" hem.  Next time I will cut it a little longer as I prefer a deeper hem allowance.   Also, it would probably look better using an invisible zipper.  The only change I made was to stitch up  the slit.


I used a poly-blend "linen" look fabric.  It is very thin and almost see-through.  I will definitely need to wear a slip with it.  It was a good choice for this pattern. I don't know how long I've had it, but it most likely came from Joann Fabrics.  I had 2 yards and that's what it took for this skirt.  It was easy to sew, but ravels a lot.  And it wrinkles, but not excessively.

Since it's so loose and full, it should be cool during the hot summer.  The color seems to go with a lot of different tops I already have. Plus, it suits my casual lifestyle.

Making this skirt meets some self-imposed summer sewing rules: fabric is from stash; it's a solid color basic that can mix & match with items I already own; and it will get me out of the rut of wearing pants all the time. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Car Trash Bags

Today I'm doing some easy sewing - making car trash bags.   I made one for myself a few months ago; and several people saw them and asked for one.  So, I made 7 more to give them away.  I still have one more to make.

On pinterest several months ago, I saw some car trash bags that someone had made.  Theirs were small round ones that had a loop to hang on the gear shift.  I liked the concept, but came up with my own design.  I wanted mine to be larger and to hang from the headrest. 

I made them just the right size for a plastic grocery bag to fit into.  I put velcro on the straps so you can slide them through the handles of the plastic bag and so you can fasten it on the headrest or wherever you want it to hang.

I got the fabric at Joann's.  It's a "utility" fabric that feels almost like paper.  It was on the clearance table for $2.00 yd & was 60" wide. I made 8 of the bags from that fabric. 

So that the bag would stand out at the top (to make it easy to drop trash into it) I inserted a piece of plastic hose into a hem at the top edge.  I got it at Lowe's.  It's what you would use to run water to a refrigerator ice maker.  That was my husband's idea.

Here's one hanging on the back of the seat.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Simplicity 4221 Linen Skirt

This is another item for my summer wardrobe.  An ivory color linen skirt. 

This is the pattern I used.

Made according to the pattern, the skirt would be about 32" long, but I wanted a longer skirt so I added 1-1/2" at the bottom, 1-1/2"  at center & also added a separate waistband.  My skirt is 36" long.   The width at lower edge is approximately 76".   Since my fabric is a little heavier than the recommended fabrics, I decided to trim a little off the front and back center seam to make the skirt more of an A-line.  I made a size 18 (finished hip measurement 46" ).  This is a very simple and quick project as there is only pattern piece that you cut 4 times. 

I used 2 yards of a linen blend from my stash.  I used up the entire piece, which is a good thing as I hate having leftovers that are too small to be useful.   I've had this fabric for several years and really like it.

Looking at this picture, I can see that this top is too long to wear with this skirt.

I like how this skirt turned out.  It's a simple, basic that I will probably wear a lot this summer.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Butterick 5354 Knit Top

I'm trying to come up with some summer tops that look good with long skirts.  I want something that doesn't emphasize the tummy, but doesn't look like a maternity top either.  I think the key is to have a close fit through the shoulders and bust, but just skim the tummy.  Also the top has to be just the right length.  I think I've hit the sweet spot with this one. 

The pattern I used is Butterick 5354                          The skirt is this pattern.

 In patterns, I usually run between a 12 and 14 at the neck and shoulders, a 14 at the bust, between a 14 and 16 at the waist, and 16 at the hips.   My pattern is a size 12, so I started with that and made alterations.   I like how it fits me.

Style alterations: I added a narrow band to the neckline and changed the sleeve length. 

Originally I didn't care for this color, but I think it will be a good addition to my summer wardrobe.  it looks good with this skirt that I usually wear with a black top.

The fabric I used is a light blue/gray knit from my stash.  I've had this a long time and don't remember where I got it.  I really like how it feels - very soft.  It's a medium weight with good recovery.  It was very easy to sew.  I have a little over 2 yards left. I don't really want another top in the same color,  so I may try dying it a darker blue.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Simplicity 2416 Lace Skirt

This is my first item for the Stash Sew Along.

I made view "D" the long, "wrap around" look skirt. 

I usually use a size 16, but due to the type of fabric I was using, I went up a size.  Mine's also 3 inches longer due to the way I did the waistband and the lace added to the bottom.  I like the longer length.

I wore the skirt today and while I like it, I don't love it.  The picture on the front of the pattern looks fuller and drappier (is that real word?).  Mine is more of an a-line.

The fabrics I used are a black lightweight lace and a natural color gauzy fabric for the lining.

The only fit alteration I made was to add a 1" wedge to the center back at the hip line.  I do this so the back hem will hang even with the front.

The selvage of the lace had a scalloped edge that I liked.  So I cut it off and reattached it the hem of the skirt and the flap.

Here you can see the waistband.  The pattern instructions are to fold down the top and stitch a casing for the elastic.  I don't really like that method.  Instead I used a piece of sturdy black knit, folded it in half and attached to the top of the skirt waistline; then inserted the elastic. I think it's more comfortable and looks better.