Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Handbag-McCalls 6579

After making the last bag, I was still in the mood to make another one.  For this one, I started with M6579, view C, but cut it with 3 sections like in view A. 


The bags in this pattern are fairly large.  The view I used is for a bag that's 16" wide x 15".  I reduced the size for mine and made it 13-1/2" wide x 12" tall.  I added a small inside zippered pocket and 2 outside zippered pockets.  The small outside pocket is between the straps & I use it for my cell phone and keys.  In order to make the pocket on the other side larger, I stopped sewing the straps a little lower down. I use this pocket for papers, receipts, coupon, etc. I really like the top edge of the bag; the way that it's curved & how the zipper is attached.  This is a Nancy Zieman pattern, so the instructions are very good.

The fabric I used was a panel I picked up at a local fabric/craft outlet.  For the lining, I used some home decor fabric leftover from another project.  I like how the pattern is divided into 3 pieces.  Cutting like this allowed me to utilize the fabric panel in such a way as to highlight the colors best.  I attached the straps in between the bottom 2 pieces and inserted the zippered pockets in between the top 2 pieces.  For the straps I used 1" wide cotton webbing from Joann Fabrics and 1" silver "D" rings. 

I really like how the bag turned out.  It's just the right size and the fabric is so pretty.


  1. Your bag is wonderful. I love the mix of patterns and the surprise plaid inside.

  2. Stunning bag - love your use of fabrics.


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