Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Patio Swing Cushions

I finally finished the cushion covers and canopy for my patio swing. I got the fabric at the beginning of summer, but put it off as I dreaded it.  The cushion covers weren't too bad to make, but the canopy was a pain.  The worst part was I made it too small on the corners - which meant I had to remove it from the frame (which is not easy), make alterations to it, and then put it back on.  It's not great, but it's done. 

I got the fabric on clearance at a local fabric outlet store for $4.00 yd.  It's an exterior fabric - either nylon or polyester and hopefully will last at least a couple summers.   And it's the right color to go with the rest of the patio furniture.  I'm so glad it's finished!

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  1. I would be glad as well, Beverly. This sort of sewing is no fun - and only makes you happy at the end. I hope it lasts a couple of summers for you as well.


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