Saturday, January 11, 2014

1st Project for 2014 - Pants

I decided to make a pair of pants as my first project of the year.   I'm working on pants again mainly because I have so few that fit me.  I always have better luck with BWOF pants patterns, so that's what I started with.  I used #112 from the May 2007 issue.   I really like this pattern.  The shape of the hip line and legs are just right for me.  Here's the line drawing:

Alterations I made:  added a 1-1/2" wedge to lengthen the back crotch seam; removed a little from the width of the back crotch seam; lowered the front waistline 5/8"; and removed 2" from back waist.  

I also left out the zipper and added an elastic waistband.  I made the waist just big enough to pull over my hips, so the waistband is flat when the pants are worn.

The fabric I used is a black with blue pinstripe that I  got at Joann Fabrics November 2011 and paid $2.50 yard as it was on clearance.   It's a woven "suiting" blend with a little stretch that I'm sure has some poly in it, but it is very nice.  It sews up great and doesn't wrinkle badly.  It drapes so nicely and feels great.  I wish I had more like it, in a different color.

Here's the front:

They are really comfortable to wear.

Side view:

There's still some wrinkles in the back of the pants, but overall I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.


  1. Wow - you have a great fit there and lovely fabric. The shape of the pants are great.. Great job.

  2. Those look great! I am afraid to try fitting pants...
    But these ones are fabulous.

  3. Seven attempts! I guess each one you modified until you got to this stage - they look great - and very smart. I love the way you made the waistband pull on so that you have smart dress pants.

  4. Very smart pants, they look great. Because there is not much difference between my waist and my hips I find a pull on waistband so much more comfortable too.

  5. Congratulations on achieving a great fit. They look really good on you. I have to admit,I'm not there yet with pants but I have to say I don't obssess over pants.Now tops! That's a different story.

  6. I haven't made pants as I don't think I would have the patience to make sure they fit properly. You've done a really good job. Thank you for your comments on my Eva dresses.

  7. wow seven trys I think I'd gave up after one lol! I've always loved pinstriped fabric & went ahead & bought some & now I'm kinda scared of it lol! your pants turned out fantastic!


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