Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer Sewing Room

This is my summer sewing room.    It's located on a covered porch just off my bedroom.

When I set this up last summer it was so that I could make cushions for my patio swing.   The outdoor fabric was so stiff and hard to maneuver that I needed room to spread out.  For that project I used my vintage mechanical sewing machine.  

This summer I decided to set up my Kenmore 19233 out there.  I'll mostly be sewing quilt blocks out there.

I also have a card table and a ironing board that I set up when needed.

The end of the porch where I'm standing to take these pictures has a 6 foot porch swing with a nicely padded cushion.  A nice place to take an afternoon nap.  And a bamboo blind I can roll down to keep out the sun.  So even before I added the sewing machine, it was already my favorite "room" in the house.


  1. What a nice idea, sewing outside. And your view is so beautiful.

  2. This sounds heavenly! One question, what is below the porch? In other words, how do you deal with dropped pins? 8-D

    1. Below is another porch. I haven't had a problem with that yet :)

  3. How glorious! Last summer I did a similar set up at my moms whe I was looking after her. You've inspired me to set it up at my own home. Sewing and fresh air- I like it!

  4. This is so sweet! When I move, I tjink I will set up in the Arizona room for the winter.

  5. Oh I'm so jealous! It must be so lovely and relaxing to sew in such a tranquil environment!

  6. What a glorious place to sew!


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