Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fall Sewing Plans

I'm working up a plan of some things I'd like to sew for fall.  I want to concentrate on basics and things I really wear in my everyday life.  And to sew from my stash.  I think I already have patterns that will work for all of these.
I like to wear long sleeve tees because they are so comfortable, but they look too plain and casual.  So I thought I'd make a simple vest similar to this to wear over them.  Although I will probably make it in a print since most of my tees are solids - plus I love prints.

I like this plaid flannel shirt that's a little different due to the bottom cut on the bias.

Since I already have this McCall's pattern, I'll use it.

I'll use my TNT knit top for this black and gray knit top, with lace front overlay.

 A white button up shirt that's a little different.  I'll probably make the sleeves longer.
 I'm not sure how to do the pleats.   I do like the black and white buttons.

Now to get started!


  1. You have a great plan. Each of your designs are interesting. That white shirt is awesome!

  2. Great line up of projects. Nothing like having a collection of basics. Makes ones wardrobe so versatile.

  3. This is a great lineup! I'm eager to follow your progress, and hope we can keep each other going. Stash and TNT patterns=success.

  4. Love EVERYTHING about that white shirt! Who makes it? (would like to snoop shop that one, if possible...)


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