Saturday, November 8, 2014

My new sewing machine - a Bernina 1130

Look what I found at the Goodwill:  a Bernina 1130!

in a Horn cabinet

They were both pretty dirty and musty smelling.  But after cleaning and oiling the machine, and a little tension adjustment, it sews perfectly!  The pneumatic lift system isn't working, I think there's a missing part or two.  Hopefully I'll be able to repair that.  They are both scratched and well-used, but I love it.  And I only paid $38.00!!

The manual was with it, and 15 feet and a few bobbins and needles.   I also found the receipt showing the lady bought it in 1986.

I don't have room for it in my tiny sewing room, but I'm sure I'll find some place for it.


  1. What a great find. I am jealous. Would love an 1130 to go with my 1090! The Horn cabinet is also a spendy item, though I find I don't actually enjoy sewing in them. It's a wonderful setup and the price!!!

  2. That is so lucky ! I would have grabbed that to and would remove my oven if need be to fit it in my house ( ok an exaggeration there ) I have a very old Bernini 30 years old that still works very well . The sewing machine repair man said never get rid of it.

  3. What a fantastic find!!!! I sew on a 1230 Bernina and love it. Love thrift stores!! Never found anything like that though. You will enjoy sewing on your 'new' machine!

  4. I had a Bernina 1130, but it got stolen. I used it constantantly, and I still feel like crying over it. I don't have enough money to buy another one like it.If anyone could help me find one exactly the same, or similar that would make me so INCREDIBLY HAPPY.


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