Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Gifts - Fleece Blankets

I generally sew Christmas gifts for my 9 grandchildren.  Usually it's flannel or fleece pj's - they seem to like those.   This year I decided to make fleece blankets.  I made one for each of my grandchildren, plus one for my husband and a small one for myself.  That's 48 yards of fleece!  I'm probably the only crafter that had never made one of these or even owned one.   Instead of the cut & tie method,  I decided to stitch all the way around the edges and then cut the edges into 1-1/2" wide strips. I didn't tie them,  just left them as fringe.  I think the kids will like them and I'm thrilled that I got them finished early! 


  1. What lovely gifts. They will be thrilled. I still have an afghan that my grandmother knitted for me when I was 12.

  2. Great looking presents. I have to do this next year for my grandsons. Btw the bernina find is a treasure. I'd probably have a basic service done on it as it may not have been done in years and it will sing for you. I love sewing in a cabinet. I'd toss out something else in the house to make room for that set up. I bookmarked your blog as I enjoy your projects.