Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flower Garden Quilt

I saw this pattern in a magazine several years ago and loved it. I also liked the idea of hand piecing a quilt. I've hand quilted quilts, but never hand pieced one.  I enjoyed working on it, but really glad it's finished.  It turned out quite a bit bigger than I planned - closer to king size than queen, which means it will be hard to wash.  I'm almost afraid to use it.  It would be nice to use on a quest bed, more as a display piece.


  1. That is magnificent. I've always admired these handpieced quilts, especially with these six sided pieces. Lots of work. My mother has made them. As you say, washing will not be easy - probably by hand in a bath and drying outside on a very hot day, flat maybe on old sheets. I guess dry cleaning would be too risky.

  2. Stunning quilt! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I agree with it being a show piece. You could substitute it when someone is visiting overnight.


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