Saturday, December 26, 2015

Plans for January 2016

I find making monthly sewing plans helps keep me on track, so I'm going to post them here each month as a reminder to myself.  This is a long list and some of them will be continued on into the following months.

So for January: 
Some basic solid color knit tops for layering
Long plaid flannel shirt to wear with leggings
Gray cardigan
Gray knit pants
Start on a simple quilt with my 7 yr old DGD - just large flannel squares
Start on English paper piecing quilt
Clean-up and organize sewing room
Go through UFO's and trash ones that I won't finish
Bind a quilt made by my MIL - I'm giving it to my DGD
Work on hand-quilting a quilt I started several years ago


  1. That's qute a plan. Which will you do first?

    1. The first thing is cleaning the sewing room & I've already started on it. And getting rid of old UFO's and pulling out fabric for the items on my list. Plus, some of the projects will be on-going.

  2. Your plans sound like well-thought out plans. How fun to work on a quilt with your grand-daughter! You will be making memories with her!