Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fur Vest

I've wanted to make a "fur" vest for a couple years now.  Recently while going through the fabric closet looking for something, I ran across a bag containing this fur and a vest pattern.  I had planned on making this last winter, but I put it aside and forgot about even having it.

I made view "E" of this old pattern.  This is a really good, basic pattern with multiple styles. I made size medium at shoulders and neck going out to a large at hips.

This was my first time sewing with fur, so wasn't really sure what I was doing.  But it was easy to work with and not as messy as I thought it would be.

For the lining, I used a sturdy piece of polyester silky type-fabric I've had for many years.

I knew this would be too bulky to try and turn it by pulling through the shoulders and side seam, so instead I added a seam to center back of the lining and left an opening in it for turning.  Then I sewed the vest and lining together along the edges and bottom hem.  After turning it, I used black bias trim to hem the armholes. I'm really happy with how nice that looks.

It was a quick and easy project that only took 2 years to make. ;)  Glad to have this UFO finished.


  1. Oh my! how cute. And I think you are so brave. I bought faux fur two years ago, cut one piece of a pattern, and put it back in the stash. Because of the mess! Did you cut this in the house or outside? It looks great and like such fun to wear. I'm going to remember the CB seam tip :-) thks.

  2. Jungle January!! It's cute and I think you will wear this in a variety of outfits.

  3. Gorgeous vest and great idea to use a center back seam to turn right sides out.

  4. Such a oh-so-cute vest! Love the way you lined and finished it. I'm going to have to remember the CB seam tip too. Great idea! And looking at your photo from the back, you can't even tell there's a CB seam anywhere. :)