Sunday, March 27, 2016

Summer Top - McCall's 7359

I love sewing and wearing woven cotton tops. This is a great pattern with some interesting details.

What I like best is the neckline - it's a folded neckband.  I also like the front pleat - it gives room over the tummy without being maternity looking.  I also like the shape of the front horizontal seam.


I like least the cut-on, dolman sleeves.  In my fabric, they're stiff and bulky.  In a lighter fabric, they'd be better.  When I use this pattern again, I'm thinking about changing it to regular set in sleeves.  Also, the back is a little tight across the fanny for me.  Next time, to give me more room, I'll add a pleat similar to the one in the front.  It turned out shorter than I anticipated, so I will also add some length.

I made a size medium through neck and shoulders going out to large at the hips.  The only change I made was that I rounded the front hemline instead cutting straight across. I think this is more flattering.

And my sewing partner, Paisley.



  1. It's a top with lots of interesting details. I like how you've put the two different fabrics together.

  2. Love your version of the top! I would never have taken a second look at this pattern. Great fabric choices too. Great job & you look lovely!

  3. you and your puppy look really cute! Nice top - looks perfect on you, really like it with those fresh white pants.

  4. Is this Paisley?!!! Soooo cute!!! And you look so happy holding your sweet pup! I really like this shirt. Great idea to curve the hem and like Coco said, it looks really nice paired with your fresh white pants. :)

  5. This is a pretty top and I love the coordinating colors. Cute puppy!

  6. I saw this review just before I was about to make this, so thank you for the tips - you saved me any issues! I added a pleat to the back and it works perfectly for my shape, thanks again for the heads up on that & the length.


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