Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall/Winter Sewing Plans

Some tentative sewing plans

                 Top                                                                                      McCall's 7093 

White shirt                                                                                     Butterick 6325

 Long cardigan                                                                                 McCall's 7476

Patchwork jacket or vest                                                  Cowl-neck short sleeve sweater top

Knit jacket                                                                             Butterick 6330

Butterick 6388 as a shorter top


  1. You have some really good selections there. I love the neckline detail of Butterick 6388 so it will definitely make a cute top.

  2. Great choices for fall. Now if I could stir up some fairy dust and have some of these magically appear in my closet. lol

  3. The hardest part of your selections here, must be which one to begin first! All are super cute and will be great for a fall and winter season.


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