Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just 1 more: McCall's 5138 again

I decided to make 1 more shirt from this pattern.  I picked up the fabric at Joann's last week.  It was on the red tag table and was 50% off - so only $4.00 a yard.  It has just a little bit of stretch to it.  For the fabric, buttons & thread, I have about $10.00 in this shirt.  For this version, I added cuffs and tabs to the sleeves and breast pockets.  I cut the sleeve cuffs and pockets on the diagonal to add more interest.  I love how this shirt fits me, so I traced a permanent copy onto plastic sheeting.  It's amazing how comfortable clothing can be when it fits properly!

Here's a few pictures:


  1. Another great top - lovely fabric.

  2. i think it could have taken a little more closer fitting through the rib/waist area. it looks a little loosey. otherwise good pockets, length and sleeves. i like the way the bottom curves


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