Monday, January 7, 2013

Fabric Purchase

I went to Joann's last week & they had their "red tag" fabrics on clearance for 50% off. I always look when it's on clearance and usually find some good deals.  Here's what I got:

First, a piece of tweed suiting.  It's medium weight, very soft & pretty.  Would make real nice pants, but there was only 1 yard of it.   I could use it for a bag or maybe a vest. It was $3.00 yd.

This is 2 pieces of printed corduroy,  I got 3 yds of 1 and 3.25 of the other.  One was $3.00 and the other $3.50 yd.

I really like the printed pants I've been seeing, so the idea is to use these for pants.

This is 2 yds of lt weight denim (to use for a skirt) and 3.25 yds of med. wt. denim.  They were $3.00 yd.  The check piece is red & pink flannel.  I got 6 yds of it for $1.50 yd.  Will use it for pj pants or a quilt.

I also got a 1 yd piece of black crepe for $1.50 that is very nice.

These are all basics and at really good prices.

I also got several spools of thread at 50% off and Vogue pattern 1323.  This is the line drawing.  I plan to make the shirt for warm weather (with shorter sleeves).

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  1. Lovely fabric - great plans - love that Tweed!