Friday, July 17, 2015

Easy & Cool Summer Top

Since I love wearing cotton woven tops during the summer, I was intrigued when I saw Butterick 6215. 
When Butterick's were on sale at Joann Fabrics, I picked it up.


The most important way to insure a successful project is to pick the right fabric and this time I did.  
I sewed it from a soft, light-weight cotton print that's perfect for this top.

What do I like about this pattern?
It's quick and easy to make - no buttonholes.
It's cool and comfortable to wear
And the fit is good - a V-neck that's not loo low cut.

The only change I made was to the length of the back.  I didn't like the extreme hi-low hemline. 
So, I shortened it a couple inches.

 I wasn't sure about it, but now that I've worn it, I really do like it.


  1. Wonderful! Isn't this a nice top to wear? You look so nice in it.

  2. I think this would be a great top to wear on very hot days with light cotton pants. It's very pretty.

  3. Perfectly breezy for a hot, humid day!

  4. I really like your cute top and think you make a good choice to shorten the hi-lo hemline. You look pretty in the soft lavender and ready for a hot summertime. :)

    1. Um..... 'make' should be 'made'. *sigh*

  5. Great top for hot summer days! You are an inspiration to me to take more photos of myself wearing what I sew. I am not a great picture taker but clothing comes to life when it's on a body instead of on a dress form. I also love your porch, I would never get any sewing done......just sit out there and listen to the birds and drink lemonade! Keep sewing, you're keeping me motivated!
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