Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jogger Pants

I decided to make a pair of jogger pants - aka sweatpants.

When I searched my inventory for a pattern to use, I came across this one.  I actually
bought it with plans to make the top,  but I never did.

I'm always looking for that pants pattern   - one that's both flattering and comfortable.  And I think I've found it.

I used a sweatshirt type knit that I've had for several years.  For the waistband and cuffs, I used the wrong side of the fabric - which is solid gray. The fabric is very soft, so the pants are so comfortable. Since the pattern is designed for wovens, and I used a knit, they are a little looser fitting.

I'm so glad I gave this pattern a try.  The ONLY change I made was to remove some from the top of the pants as they came up too high. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

I decided to make a 2nd pair using a woven - some kind of a poly. For this pair, I narrowed the legs from the knee down. Of course, they aren't as comfortable as the knit pair, but they're good.  I hope with minor modifications this will become my TNT pants pattern.


  1. Your pants look very comfy. The fit looks great on you. I would look into this pattern if I wore pants. They don't look like sweatpants at all, more like elegant lounge pants! Great job!
    Bonnie @

  2. Wow, these are great! and what a nice fit you got. I looove the sweatshirt print fabric - so cute.

  3. Congrats to your TNT pants pattern! Both pants you made are really great and I love its sporty look!

    immi meyer

  4. Cool joggers and they look so comfy. Great job.

  5. Lovely pants! And they fit so beautifully. Well done.

  6. Great looking pants, I have the pattern and nave made the blouse. I think I need to sew the pants too

  7. These look great! You've achieved a great match between comfy and flattering!

  8. How wonderful that you have found a TNT pants pattern that is comfortable and stylish. Great job!

  9. Love both versions! Elastic waist pants just can't be beat for the comfortable factor, and you've achieved not only that, but a very stylish, cute pair of pants in both knit and woven.