Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sewing With My GD

This is my 7 year old granddaughter learning to sew

The Doll Apron we made.

On the doll

 The proud seamstress 

I don't have daughters to teach to sew, so it's nice sewing with my granddaughters.


  1. Oh gosh, how lovely, Bev. And she's beautiful. What a joy she must be for you. cute apron, well done!

  2. Precious!
    Bonnie @

  3. How lovely for you :). I missed out on children altogether, must be so lovely to have little ones to teach.

    Sorry I haven't commented on all your wonderful and completed garments recently - I have been traveling for 6 weeks, with poor internet access.

  4. Sweet memories. My grandmother and I made aprons for my dolls and for me as well. I still have them!

  5. What a lovely apron and a lovely little sewist! Is this the first time she had sewn on a sewing machine? Is 7 a good age to start to learn to sew? I want to teach my daughter since she is interested in watching me sew. But she is only 4 and prone to hurt herself!;-)