Saturday, June 25, 2016

Harness for Paisley

Doesn't she look pretty in her new blue harness?

I prefer a harness instead of a collar for my dog, as the collar chokes her and she sometimes pulls it over her head.  But finding a harness that fits well and is easy to put on seems impossible.    So I went looking on-line and found some information for making one.

Here's my pattern.  You cut 2 for the inside and 2 for the outside.  Then sew together along the short side.

Here's what it looks like.   I used 2 rows of velcro for the fastening and added a d-ring to snap on the leash.

The fit is great on this one except for a little tightness where it goes around the inside of her legs.  For the next one, I'll make that area narrower. 

I used a sturdy quilting cotton and polyester quilt batting, and did some random machine quilting.   This worked great and makes the harness comfortable; it's not too thick and it's machine washable.   I made self-fabric bias strips to cover the edges.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  And Paisley definitely likes it better than the one I bought.  Well, mostly because it's quicker to put on!  And now that I've got the fitting worked out, the next one should go together much faster.


  1. Awww! Your fur baby is soooo cute! Great idea too. My babies wear harnesses too.

  2. What a cute pup! love her name and her stunning new harness!


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