Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sewing Room Makeover

My sewing room had gotten so cluttered and out of control.  I've finally done a much needed clean up and reorganization.   It's not one of those pretty sewing rooms - it's a working room.

View from the door:

The main change I made was to take out a large desk that was in the corner and add two wire shelf units.   I had been storing fabric stacked on a countertop and in plastic totes underneath it.  And my machines were on the desk.  I moved the machines to the countertop and the fabric to the shelf units.   This is a much better arrangement.   Before, I didn't have access to my coverstitch or my mechanical machine without shuffling things around.    Now I have my machines set up and always ready to use.  Hopefully, I'll start using the coverstitch machine.
Moving out the desk meant giving up the drawers.  But, even though it was a nice desk, it just took up too much floor space.    Since the counter top just sits on a frame, I added some plastic drawer units underneath.   Since I don't have much natural light, I added an undercounter light and also a desk lamp.

For fabric storage, I bought 2 wire shelf units.  To protect the fabric from sunlight and dust,  I hung cloth shower curtains.  I could have made a curtain (I certainly have enough fabric), but it was just so much quicker and easier to use these.  They were very inexpensive and pretty.

I uncluttered and recovered my pressing/cutting table.

I made a small quilt design board.

I used a round belt hanger to hold my embroidery and quilt hoops and hung it on the end of the shelf unit.

I put hooks on the end of my cutting table to hang cutting mats

It's a small room, so I have to make every inch count.

I went through everything and got rid of things I don't use - some were passed to others and some went in the trash.  First, I went through supplies and notions: buttons, zippers, snaps, interfacing, craft supplies, etc.  Naturally, the biggest job was the fabric.  I gave away a lot of fabric.  And I threw away scraps and UFO's that were never going to get finished.  It feels good to let go of unnecessary things.

I still have things I want to do, such as: cover some boxes, drill holes in the counter for the cords to fit through, organize the contents of the drawers, etc.  And now that I can get to my dress form, I want to repad it.  Overall, I'm happy with the makeover and enjoy spending time in there.

One of my favorite things in my sewing room is this clock; it was a birthday gift from my Mom several years ago.


  1. Great little sewing room! Your organization and use of space is super.

    And what a pretty clock, such a thoughtful gift.

  2. Love your makeover! Very organized & work friendly. I like how your scissors are hung on the pegs of the shelf (very clever)! Sweet clock, I bet you think of her every time you check the time.

  3. I know just what you mean by a sewing room being a working room - I can't believe how tidy some people's sewing spaces are, and I wonder just how much really goes on in them!! I do like how you have re-organised your room - still practical, but with everything handy.

  4. Your makeover looks fantastic and very workable.. Since moving , I lost my sewing room [sad],so I had to downsize big time, and make room for my sewing stuff.. It helped me to get everything organized..ha
    Know you will enjoy sewing in this space now..

  5. ps, I absolutely love the clock..Never seen one, like that.

  6. Your sewing room is pretty with the way you've made it functional, organized and cohesive. Looks like a nice place to be working on projects! :)


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